sábado, junio 25, 2005

Es necessita dependenta

Cuando Dios cierra una puerta, te da con otra en las narices

Asten is listening to Mi Barrio (Andy & Lucas)
Asten is reading (nothing)


Blogger The Everglades said...

I saw you at The Casual Friday. I figured I'd say, "hello from Dallas, Texas."

I visited Barcelona last summer and didn't want to leave. I worked in Paris, France as a bicycle tour guide for Fat Tire Bike Tours (ya'll have a Fat Tire Bike tour in Barcelona too). And I made it down to Barcelona any chance I got (and to Nice, France).

Enjoy the night life!

All the best,


5:04 a. m.  
Blogger Dreams said...

Sorry i dont know spanish....carry on blogging......check my blog...http://measis.blogspot.com/ as soon and as often as possible.

11:41 a. m.  

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